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My beloved wife, Helen, is the person I have admired and cherished all of my adult life. We grew up together and faced all the challenges a couple faces in any relationship. Over the past 40 years, we learned a lot about each other, our strengths and our weaknesses, our likes and our dislikes, much of which became more and more apparent over the years. We learned to balance these virtues and shortcomings that taught us how to be better, as a couple, as friends, as parents, and as teachers. We learned to appreciate each other.

Helen was so supportive to everyone she encountered. That was her greatest asset as a person, and because of her compassion, she was loved and adored by all. She was there for everyone. She was admired for her numerous abilities, all of which she brought to a level of perfection. This included design, cooking, writing, clothing, movement and martial arts.

The support she gave as a mom and to me as my wife was truly undeniable. What was so different about our relationship was that we grew closer to each other over time, and our life was so integrated with our family and our extended family -- the Academy.

We lived together, we made decisions together, we worked together, we had fun together, we traveled together, we raised our children together, we did everything together. We confided in each other, we looked to each other for answers, we taught each other, we loved each other.

We were a team, a strong one at that... 

– Calvin Chin

Video of CCMAA student, Alex Woo, and Calvin and Helen's son, Drew Chin,
introducing the Helen Gee Chin Scholarship Foundation

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