Application Form

Complete the Application:
Click on the icon below to download the 2019-20 Scholarship Application Form. The application form PDF can be filled out & signed electronically. The application is best completed using Adobe Reader and emailed back with required attachments, with the exception of Section 11 which must be filled out by your high school (entering freshmen only). Please "Save As" to rename your completed form under a different name. You may download the most current version of Adobe Reader by going to: Get Adobe Reader)

Submit the Application:
When you are ready to submit your application form and attachments, do not click on Submit Form unless you use a Desktop Email application such as Outlook. Most users have Internet Email (gmail, comcast, verizon, etc.), and need to send the Adobe PDF data file as an attachment using their email service. Please also attach your other files/scans (essay, acceptance letter, etc.) in one email. Email your files to: Your Sifu and other references can email their letters of recommendation directly. Your schools may also send transcripts directly to us as noted on page one of the application. You should receive an acknowledgment of receipt within a week. If you do not, or if you have any trouble with the application process, please inquire.

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